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Environmental Education and Action Project

Founded in October 2015, Earth Peru is a small non-profit NGO with a driving mission to inspire Peruvian communities and individuals to make sustainable choices in their surrounding environment.  


We believe in environmental protection, community empowerment, and educational development.


We are very excited about the launch of our pilot project, "Environmental Education and Action" project in Trujillo, Peru in early 2016. The project was developed to reflect the NGO’s values with a focus on educational development, particularly environmental education. The project recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and the positive impact it can have on communities. Environmental education is not seen as a priority in schools and is not integrated into the culture as a pressing issue on a local or global level.

The project currently runs in two schools located in Alto Trujillo, a poor area/district in Trujillo. It provides the associated schools with a simple framework for them to adopt and further develop based on the current needs of the school and available resources. The project takes a unique approach and works closely with the community and bases the environmental project content on a context specific basis. It encourages students to take initiative and engage them in action oriented learning. Action oriented learning involves learning by ‘doing’, for example, through environmental activities.

The ultimate aim of the project is to help schools combine learning about the environment with action and to work towards environmental sustainability for both the students and the local community.

International Volunteer Program

The International Volunteer Program (IVP) recruits individuals from abroad to work for our local projects and help make a positive difference in our community. We rely on the service provided by our dedicated volunteers and in return we off accommodation, meals and Spanish lessons.

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